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Welcome! And thank you for visiting my website!

Hi! I'm Krista! I cannot wait to meet you, and I would love nothing more than helping you get the heirloom photographs your family will cherish for years to come. 

My love for photography began when I lived in Hawaii as a young teen. My best friend and I spent our days snapping photos with disposable cameras and eagerly awaiting the results. In high school, my dad gave me my first "real" camera for my 16th birthday: a Nikon N2000. I delighted in learning the classic techniques of photography, and went on to earn a BFA from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, where I studied and fell in love with the processes of film photography and the darkroom.

Having fallen away from the craft after graduation to pursue a career in web development and design, and then to launch a non-profit for new parents in Austin, I have returned to my original art with a passion for high quality imagery. Utilizing my bend toward a photojournalistic style, I create vibrant images that capture the mood of life's big milestones, small moments, and everything in between.

There is something magical about capturing a single moment of light on film. Lys is the Norwegian word for light. Lys is a nod to my Norwegian heritage and my love of helping everyone express their unique radiance!